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Get Blake! 2015

BLAKE MYERS is a fearless, adventure-seeking kid as he races headlong into all of life’s experiences along with his best friend Mitch. What’s impressive about Blake is that he lives for today, despite knowing the awesomeness that awaits him in the future: Blake is destined to become a courageous Space Ranger and protector of humankind against a marauding race of …ALIEN squirrels! These alien squirrels – or “Squaliens” – have been sent from the future by their Squalien General. Their mission: is to make sure Blake Myers never grows up to be Blake Myers, Space Ranger. Hero. Defeater of Squaliens. From their super high-tech command center – now cunningly disguised as a regular earth tree in Blake’s backyard – the Squaliens must use everything they have at their disposal to put an end to Blake Myers. Only Blake and Mitch are aware of the alien squirrels’ existence and together, must fight this battle on their own. But the Squaliens soon discover that stopping Blake Myers isn’t as easy as it sounds…


Robbie Daymond

Spike Spencer

Tarah Consoli

Kevin Glikmann

Eden Gamliel

Derek Dressler

Katie Leigh

Yeni Alvarez

Pascal Jardin

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