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Evolve 2021

Evolve is crammed with adventure, wildlife, eye-watering locations and mind-bending futuristic science.
This refreshing and uplifting global journey deep dives into the fascinating and emerging world of biomimicry and whether the unique adaptations of the animal world can truly help us to find futuristic solutions to some of our biggest problems?

Helmed by rising star Patrick Aryee – biologist and host of the BBC's 30 Animals That Made Us Smarter – Evolve tells the enthralling and visually spectacular stories of some of the most astonishingly superpowered creatures on the planet. But the story doesn't stop there. The series goes on to investigate how we could harness evolution's unique adaptations to potentially revolutionize our future.

Celebrating the genius of evolution through jaw-dropping wildlife sequences, we demonstrate how animals around the globe have evolved beyond our current technologies. We then embark on a high-octane, host-driven adventure to the forefront of human ingenuity – joining forces with explorers, fighter pilots, scientists and inventors for exclusive, on-camera reveals of startling wild-inspired innovations. The series boasts artwork from Emmy-award winning artists that bring us inside the hidden genius behind nature's adaptations and potential future worlds.

Production took place throughout 2021, over the course of approximately 12 months. Principle photography was around 15 weeks and saw multi-national crews travelling across four continents. Stories were filmed in Namibia, Jordan, UK and in ten states across America – ranging from Hawaii to Florida.


Patrick Aryee

Chris Baron