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You Have to Come and See It 2022

Let’s move to the country, sings Bill Callahan in his crystalline song. Its serene, meditative rhythm is mirrored in the mood of the keenly anticipated new film by one of the most respected European directors of his generation (just ask the staff at Cahiers du cinéma). Two couples in their thirties, intellectually scintillating discussions on the essentials of life unfolding between Madrid and the neighbouring countryside – this is the unremarkable yet, at the same time, also magical world of Trueba’s characters. The creator of THE AUGUST VIRGIN (KVIFF 2019) offers up another of his acclaimed, soulful cinematic miniatures which don’t require long hours to convey profound, existential feelings infused with enchanting melancholy and gentle humour. (Karel Och)


Itsaso Arana

Francesco Carril

Chano Domu00ednguez

Irene Escolar

Vito Sanz

Jonu00e1s Trueba

Jonu00e1s Trueba

Sonu Lal

Nepomuk Fischer

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