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The World Beyond Silence 2021

Spring 2020 – suddenly the world stands still. On every continent, people find themselves in a lock down. The world as we know it is past. What will come is uncertain. An invisible virus is challenging societies. People are thrown back on themselves. Twelve intimate portraits from twelve places in a fragile world. During the lock down a mother sees her baby taking its first steps and longs for her family. A geriatric nurse buries an old woman in a foreign country. A blind man hears a whole other world. A homeless pizza delivery man knows that he is important and that he lacks the most important thing: an apartment. A married couple has to face a relationship crisis that has lasted for years. A DJ writes songs about the apocalypse and is more creative than ever. A young woman returns to the world of her ultra-orthodox childhood. A clinic employee goes through a separation out of love and takes care of others. A single shoe shiner worries about the safety of her daughter. A Martial Arts trainer from China is looking for social integration in a foreign world. The residents of an indigenous village seal themselves and construct a building for the infected as a precaution. And on the outskirts of a city shepherds drive their flocks undeterred to a spring like every day. Twelve stories about the power of the human beyond silence.


Manuel Fenn