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Etsivätoimisto Henkka & Kivimutka 2022

Henkka Virtanen finds evidence of a possible crime on his way to school. With his friend J.K. Kivimutka, the boys decide to investigate what has happened, because these criminal cases are the responsibility of the detective agency they have set up. When it turns out that mailboxes in the area have disappeared during the night, the detective bureau has already two crimes to solve. A fun and exciting adventure begins, in which the boys also have to face their own fears.


Mikael Ehn

Veetu Hietanen

Sira Junno

Verneri Tinkanen

Anna Pitku00e4mu00e4ki

Tapani Kalliomu00e4ki

Sisu Aro

Tuire Arola

Jarkko Felin

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