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Kami Kuzu Idol 2022

“Kami Kuzu Idol” is based upon the manga “Phantom of the Idol”. Music promoters have paired two good looking boys to make the pop idol duo ZINGS. They have some problems though. The nice blond boy, Kazuki Yoshino, is hard working but lacks confidence. The dark moody boy, Yuuya Niyodo, only wants a lazy way to get rich. His manager is ready to fire him until – One evening Yuuya meets a pretty girl back stage, Asahi Mogami. She wants to work hard and be a successful idol. However she has a problem, she died a year ago. Her desire and Yuuya’s laziness lead to an arrangement. Asahi possesses his body while working and he can be lazy the rest of the time.



Nao Tôyama

Shun Horie

Fumiya Imai