What to do if Movie Won’t Start or Buffer

Our servers are located in Europe so If you are not from Europe, routing to our servers might be slower for you and movies may buffer.


Please follow the steps below to solve the issue :



Firefox Browser, Opera Browser and Chrome Browser works differently for playing movies, so most of the times installing a different browser and trying to watch the movie will solve all issues.


2. CHANGE MOVIE QUALITY to a lower quality

The lower the quality the faster the movie will play. try to change the movie to a lower quality and see how if the movie play smoothly without buffering. (for example: from 720p to 480p)


3. Our playback servers MIGHT BE BLOCKED FOR YOU

Some Internet providers around the world block our site. sometimes they block the entire site and other times they block only the servers that playback the movies - this could be a reason to why a movie Won't Start for you


Be sure you are UNBLOCKED (Desktop ONLY) by:


A. Installing the Latest Version of Firefox Browser
B. Open Firefox and Enable DNS Over HTTPS feature by following the simple steps in the link below:
C. Enable Firefox Encrypted SNI feature by following the steps in the link below:


if none of the above work it means you really have slow routing / speed to our servers. In that case:


4. USE VPN (both Desktop and Mobile)

A. Get a VPN and install it. (We recommend ExpressVPN)
B. try to connect to Western Europe servers (such as France, Germany, Netherlands, England., etc... ) and learn which one is the fastest for you by checking speed at https://speedtest.net after connecting to it
C. Once you are connected to a European server with good speed, Watch the movie on our site, this will 100% resolve the speed issue.